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The importance of a second photographer


Weddings can be magical and so much is going on maybe  grandma is out the back drinking shots of vodka who knows, that is why it is so important not to miss anything you may treasure for a life time. This is why you must consider paying a little extra to bring a second photographer, I also bring a trainee and professional wedding photographer to capture everything possible and get to sides of a story. I've been on both sides the main photographer and the second photographer so I know what I want from the wedding day photos. 

So I have listed 5 reasons why you should bring a second photographer.

Number 1

You want to capture both side of the story not just the bride getting ready with  her girls but the groomsmen to find out really what he was up to on your wedding day. Also you may have children getting ready with them. 

Number 2

You are getting married in a church sometime the priest doesn't want you moving around to much also, you don't want to disturb the guest who came to see there loved ones getting married not you running around trying to capture everything. Also it's always nice to get some photos from the back of that lovely dress you spent a small fortune on during the ceremony.









Number 3

Ok i'm getting all the formal photos and all the guest are relaxing and having fun perfect time to capture candid photos that's why the second photographer will always have more documentary photos than the main photographer.

Number 4

Like number 3 the formal photos might run over time or there isn't  much time dedicated, making it nearly impossible for the main photographer to capture photos of the wedding reception before it gets trashed by the guests.

Number 5

More photos who doesn't like more photos of there wedding day from different angles and different perspective.  

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